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Product Management Tools You’ll Actually Use

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Most teams are dealing with a chaotic process that few understand. Templates and methods and best practices are everywhere. And yet, every organization is unique — so your planning process should be too. If it’s too complex to understand then it’s simply too complex.

Most organizations need a small number of living documents to guide product innovation and provide consistency in process. Simple one-page slides and spreadsheets result in a nimble planning process.

You don’t need 100 tools; you need only a few. You should be able to define a vision, share a plan, tell a story, and prioritize a backlog.

Join Steve Johnson from Product Growth Leaders as he discusses the templates he uses with every product team—from vision canvas to roadmap to problem story and prioritizing with the IDEA method. If you’re a product manager or product owner, this session is for you.

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