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Your First 90 Days in a New Product Role

Updated: Jan 22

Watch this recorded discussion to identify what a product manager must do in the first 90 days to build a strong foundation for success in a new product leadership role. This discussion was featured at the 2022 Product Summit Online™.

You’re in your first days in a new product manager role. In no time, your calendar will be full and you’ll have a zillion emails. There’s so much to do. Where should you begin?

Before the demands of others overwhelm you, you need to prepare yourself to be the business and market liaison to the product team. Your role as a product manager or product owner is to make the best business decisions for the product, working from the best available information.

You will learn:

  • Why preparation is key to find the right opportunity

  • How to identify suitable product job opportunities

  • Steps to create your 90-day roadmap to ensure success

Speaker: Hector Del Castillo, CEO, BoldPM

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