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Product Strategy

Creating a Product Roadmap is Easy

As a product manager, it is our job to drive sustainable business growth. And one of the chief ways we do that is by crafting a coherent product roadmap. Thanks to these roadmaps, everyone knows what we’re working on now vs. later, where we’re headed, and how we’re getting there. Fail at making this map, and you sacrifice not only your own credibility, but the credibility of the entire company. The bad news? Product managers rarely have the time to adequately prepare. The good news? While we should absolutely do the research and analysis needed to craft a proper roadmap, we actually don’t need to wait until it’s completed. We can actually do both in parallel. And what’s more is that once you can do that, product roadmapping becomes easy.

About the Speaker
Shardul Mehta

Serial product guy with over 25 years as a business executive and product innovation leader. I have founded several startups, launched and scaled numerous technology products and digital initiatives across a number of industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, retail, and the US federal government, and helped pre-Series A through post-Series C companies scale their businesses from MVP through M&A, PE acquisition, and IPO.

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