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Driving Growth Through Change and Uncertainty

Effective product management is more important than ever. Demand for digital products is increasing alongside a dramatic rise in customer expectations, creating growing complexity in the product management function. Guest Speaker, Lisa Singer, Forrester VP and Research Director, dives into her recent research and shares tips on how product management can stay customer-centric and drive growth amid today’s challenges.

This online discussion was produced by Productboard. Click the Video button to view the video playback. 

About the Speaker
Lisa Singer

VP Research Director, Product Management


Lisa is a recognized thought leader in product management and brings over 20 years of experience in developing and managing offerings for software, manufacturing, and service businesses to Forrester. Lisa’s experience has focused on new product launches, portfolio management, and growth through market expansion with an emphasis on strategic alliances and business development in emerging markets.

Lisa has significant expertise in the introduction and growth of recurring revenue businesses, specifically in the areas of value-based pricing and packaging and product-led growth strategies. She is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP)™. Additionally, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise in best practices for organizing and upskilling product management teams.

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