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Working in Teams

How to Collaborate With Your Product Teams in a Remote Connected World

As we fully transition to a remote/hybrid work environment, our ability to communicate and align with our colleagues has also changed.

Alongside everyday work responsibilities, product professionals navigate various communication channels and apps available to them. However, gathering consensus on utilizing these tools across the organization continues to be an ongoing process of trial and error.

In ProductPlan's 2022 State of Product Management Report, we discovered that 62% of those surveyed reported that they preferred hosting live meetings and presentations. Moreover, when we asked how they would like to disseminate information, 35% chose the roadmap, while 45% chose a live presentation. With coworkers dispersed across many cities, states, countries, and continents, it is challenging to find a time for a live presentation or to create alignment and ease of communication.

ProductPlan's roadmap software can help your product team develop their product story, extend the value of their roadmap, and simplify product management.

Product teams use our software to stay aligned in a remote world. Explore alongside product teams worldwide as they discover how our features and integrations can mitigate the challenges that derail a successful product launch.

The pandemic shifted how organizations conduct business. A remote/hybrid work environment is here to stay. Yet, what hasn’t changed is the need to communicate and align with your team effectively.

So, what’s the key to making it all work—without product professionals spending hours on Zoom calls, updating slides, or sending Slack messages?

The answer is in your roadmap!

In this on-demand webinar, Product Manager Nick Fields and Manager of Product Marketing Cameron Fitchett discuss the following areas of interest:

  • What we heard from product managers about communication

  • The power of video for asynchronous communication

  • How to create accountability across the organization

  • How to encourage productive conversations about your product roadmap

  • Tips + best practices

This on-demand webinar is sponsored and hosted by ProductPlan.

About the Speaker
Nick Fields, Product Manager
Cameron Fitchett, Manager of Product Marketing


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