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Product Management

Innovate Your Planning Process with Quartz

Products today are often released despite the process. Most teams are dealing with chaotic processes that few understand. And yet, every organization is unique—so your planning process should be too. Most organizations need a small number of living documents—fewer than 10—to guide market insights and product innovation.

Steve Johnson discusses how to innovate your product planning process to better align with the agility of your organization using the Quartz Open Framework. Throw away outdated methods and define a process as nimble as your organization.

This on-demand video is sponsored and hosted by the 2022 Product Summit Online™. Special thanks to the sponsors, volunteer staff and speakers for making this event a huge success.

About the Speaker
Steve Johnson

Founder and CEO

Product Growth Leaders

Steve Johnson is a product success coach focused on removing the chaos from product planning. He uses modern methods to guide product teams from idea to market in only a few weeks. His approach is based on the belief that minimal process and simple templates result in a nimble product team.

Steve is a former instructor and vice president at Pragmatic Institute and the co-creator of the popular Quartz Open Framework.

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