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Leveraging xAPI as a language for Employee and Customer Experiences

xAPI is a next generation industry standard to track learning experiences. FocalCXM has been using the framework in a very innovative way to capture Customer Experiences. A key ask from customer-facing stakeholders is for the ability to have a 360-degree view of the customer. Centralized data is great, but in reality, these massive projects that take a significant amount of time and money! xAPI can help simplify the process and provide the right data set for a true 360 view and form the basis for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


As part of this session, Adi would like to walk the audience through xAPI and show examples of how leverages the framework to better understand users and deliver remarkable expereinces..

About the Speaker
Adi Buddhavarapu


Adi Buddhavarapu is the founder and CEO of FocalCXM, a company passionate about delivering remarkable customer experiences. Prior to founding Focal, Adi worked at Oracle Corporation as a Product Strategist where he was part of a team that developed world-class enterprise software for the global Life Sciences industry. He has decades of experience in CRM/CX Systems, Enterprise Content and Quality of Enterprise Data.

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