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Part 3: Finding Candidate-Market Fit - 2023 Product Job Search Series

Product Job Search Series - A special 4-part Product Job Search Series to help job seekers build confidence and find the right product opportunities in 2023. This series is based on Phyl Terry's tried-and-true Never Search Alone approach.

You will learn from product leaders and hear real-life stories from practitioners who have successfully found the right role for the next phase of their product careers! 💪

Part 3: Finding Candidate-Market Fit 

Thursday, Feb 9, 12:00 PM ― 12:30 PM ET

In this session, our guests are Lily Wilson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Angi, and anonymous “Alan”, VP of Product, who currently leads a large product management team at a Fortune 100 Big Tech company. We will discuss how to find candidate-market fit to land the right job for you – at the intersection of hopes, dreams, and market realities.

Co-Hosts: Shyvee Shi, Product Manager, LinkedIn, and Phyl Terry, Author of Never Search Alone & Founder of Collaborative Gain

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About the Speaker
Shyvee Shi, LinkedIn and Phyl Terry, Collaborative Gain

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