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Part 2: The Power of Job Search Councils - 2023 Product Job Search Series

Product Job Search Series - A special 4-part Product Job Search Series to help job seekers build confidence and find the right product opportunities in 2023. This series is based on Phyl Terry's tried-and-true Never Search Alone approach.

You will learn from product leaders and hear real-life stories from practitioners who have successfully found the right role for the next phase of their product careers! 💪

Part 2: The Power of Job Search Councils 

Thursday, Feb 2, 12:00 PM ― 12:30 PM ET

In this session, our guests are Bonnie Sherman, EVP of Marketplace at Inside Real Estate (and former VP of Product), and Corleen Heidgerken, Director of Product at Glassdoor. We will discuss the Power of Job Search Councils and how you could start or join one to set your job search to a strong start.

Co-Hosts: Shyvee Shi, Product Manager, LinkedIn, and Phyl Terry, Author of Never Search Alone & Founder of Collaborative Gain

If you're an experienced Product, Project, or Data professional actively seeking your next job opportunity and want to join a Professional Job Search Support Group, join the ProductCamp DC mailing list to get more information.

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About the Speaker
Shyvee Shi, LinkedIn and Phyl Terry, Collaborative Gain

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