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Product Management

Product Manager vs. Project Manager, which is right for me?

Hector Del Castillo conducts an in-depth comparison of the roles of product management and project management. He also compared the Product Management Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®) and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®). 

Despite the similar names, there are big differences between product management and project management. He describes how product and project management are very different management roles and require different skills, and mindsets. Although positions in product management are in high demand today for job seekers and companies alike, there is much confusion in the market about what, exactly, this role is and does. Many confuse product management with project management.

He explains the distinction between product and project management, including how these two roles often overlap and complement one another. He describes how the roles work together within companies that consistently turn ideas into valuable products customers love.

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About the Speaker
Hector Del Castillo

Chief Product Officer


Hector Del Castillo is Chief Product Officer of BoldPM, a product management and marketing consulting firm that inspires the next generation of product executives and leaders to turn ideas into valuable products customers love. Hector helps companies achieve smarter product outcomes resulting in over 26% increase in profitability.

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