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Product Strategy

Product Portfolio Investment Strategy

A.k.a., budget planning for your product portfolio strategy. Every year, product leadership faces challenges on how best to organize and allocate the R&D budget across products, initiatives, and teams. In this session, I'll share a number of real-world strategies and approaches I have used to determine the investment strategy for different types of product portfolios, be they a single product, multiple products, enterprise platforms, or multiple segments/verticals.

About the Speaker
Shardul Mehta

Serial product guy with over 25 years as a business executive and product innovation leader. I have founded several startups, launched and scaled numerous technology products and digital initiatives across a number of industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, retail, and the US federal government, and helped pre-Series A through post-Series C companies scale their businesses from MVP through M&A, PE acquisition, and IPO.

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