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ProductWorld 2023 | Feb 15-17 Oakland, CA

ProductWorld 2023 (Feb 15-17, Oakland CA) is the world’s largest product manager & product developer conference where 1,500+ tech product professionals converge to discover the latest product development & innovation. Learn from leaders at Oracle, Spotify, IBM, Meta, Indeed, Microsoft, Goggle, Twilio, Yelp, Substack, and dozens more!

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About ProductWorld

Join 1,500 tech product manager and product developers at the world’s largest product management & development conference / tradeshow! ProductWorld is co-located with DeveloperWeek, where 8,000 software engineers and IT managers converge each year. Come hear the product success stories from tech product professionals at Silicon Valley’s top tech companies! Past speakers at our events include executives from Google, Facebook, IBM, Square, Uber, Linkedin, Slack, Microsoft, Atlassian, and 500+ more. Visit:

About the Speaker
Hector Del Castillo



Hector is a product executive with over 20 years of experience helping mid-market product executives and leaders spark creativity and innovation within teams to substantially transform and grow their product portfolios.

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