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The Footsteps Method - Uncover the Unexpected Journey

Have you ever developed a new product, just to have it fall flat on its face in the marketplace? 

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked on hundreds of complex systems at all levels from front end innovation through sustaining engineering and end of life support. I’ve been involved with products that have been a huge success and I’ve been involved with others that never seemed to take off commercially. The frustration with the products that failed was amplified when the product itself was extremely sound from a technical, functional and performance standpoint. Typically, I’ve found that these failures were tied to some unexpected user journey that had not been considered by the development team. 

During this discussion, participants will walk through a one-page tool designed to help them better understand the user experience and to intentionally seek out these unexpected journeys that can prevent the product from being successful. This tool is designed to be used by product people who are developing products, services, or experiences for their customers. Attendees will get a copy of the mapping tool for their own use.  

Download the Footsteps Method template here.

About the Speaker
Bill Reid



Bill has over 30 years of experience working in all phases of product development and helping companies bring new products to the market. Bill’s career incorporates experience with large multi-national companies including Ford, General Electric, General Motors and Covidien. Furthermore, Bill has extensive experience with companies as small as single entrepreneur start-up ventures. Throughout his career, Bill has found enjoyment in being able to teach others about innovation methods.

Bill is a certified New Product Development Professional through PDMA with degrees in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering. Bill is named as the inventor or co-inventor on 22 US patents. Bill’s passion for innovation and creativeness extends beyond the workplace to his hobbies where he is an award-winning homebrewer who has had a beer featured at the Great American Beer Festival.

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