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The Top 5 Product Questions You Should Be Asking in 2023

A brand new year = brand new product priorities. ✅

While making plans to carry your product forward into the new year can feel daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

You just need to know what questions you want to explore, and leverage the right data to help you answer them. 💡

In this recording, Stephanie Tanzar of Pendo explores the top five product questions you should be asking yourself in 2023 — spanning the entire lifecycle of your product.

You will learn:

📈 How to use product data to define and drive your strategy.

📐 Which metrics to use to achieve your desired outcomes.

👀 Why everyone should have visibility into your product’s health.

Stephanie shares indispensable intel on the top five product questions you should ask yourself in 2023 to nail your product strategy.

This discussion was sponsored by Pendo and hosted by the Product-Led Alliance.

About the Speaker
Stephanie Tanzar


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