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Good Day! Thanks for taking a few moments to learn more about me.

I am a successful professional with a proven track record of successfully transitioning organizations from simply reacting to opportunities to strategically shaping the environment. Having worked with firms supporting US Government clients, International Customers and private industry, I possess a firm grasp of not only the different approaches for each, but also how each may strengthen the other. This eclectic skillset has broadened my vision for how to approach the marketplace.

A couple of my key successes recently have been growing a start-up firm from ~$2.5m to $32m in just under three years. Additionally, we were able to improve internal delivery and support processes allowing for more rapid delivery of post-sales support service. This in turn increased retention the following year from 74% to 93%. Lastly, upon closing of two separate acquisitions, I led a team of integration personnel to compare and combine pipeline, review processes, B&P approvals, and sales processes into one unified, cognizant organization.

Over the years, I have also supported the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and a few FedCiv agencies. This support has been provided through the typical Government Contracting paradigm, Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs), and Federal Sales initiatives; covering analyst and analytic support services, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), material mission integration efforts, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and standard FTE based programs.

With an analytic background and disruptive mindset, using data to drive decisions and break “status-quo” performance criteria, I enjoy tackling those steep challenges that drive growth.

Michael Porche

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